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What is the INAAA?

The Indiana Academy of Anesthesiologist Assistants (INAAA) is a nonprofit association organized to advance the profession of Certified Anesthesiologist Assistants (CAAs), enhance education and standards of CAA practice, and provide a forum for CAAs, within the state, to address concerns and challenges in a coordinated and targeted manner.  The INAAA aims to work collaboratively with its members, the Indiana legislature, ISA, ASA, and AAAA to ensure continued CAA practice within the state. The INAAA promotes the safe practice of anesthesia within the physician led care team model. 

Who do we represent?

CAAs are advanced practice anesthesia providers that work within the Anesthesia Care Team model to support physician anesthesiologists in providing the highest quality patient care.  A CAA will have a premed undergraduate degree or taken the required premed course work, taken the GRE or MCAT, and completed a accredited Masters in Anesthesia program. The Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) accredits CAA programs. A CAA will have completed at least 2000 clinical hours prior to graduation. This ensures that they are competent and equipped to handle a variety of patient care scenarios as they arise in practice. CAAs work closely with their supervising physician anesthesiologist to determine the best anesthesia plan for each patient and execute that plan. CAAs are airway experts as such they were present on airway teams during the COVID pandemic, joining thousands of other frontline works providing care to critically ill patients. 

What do we do?

The INAAA completed a strategic planning process in 2022.  After a membership engagement survey was completed, the following six goals were identified.

By December 31, 2025 the INAAA will:

1) Raise $50,000 to be used for legislative action

2) Host three CAA days at the capital

3) Increase the number of licensed CAAs in the state by one hundred

4) Increase the number of practice locations that have practicing CAAs by six

5) Routinely engage with state partners, ie ISA, and have a minimum of one physician affiliate member per CAA practice

6) Have 75% of all licensed CAAs in the state be INAAA members

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